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Thoroughly designed resources for freelancing, self-taught, in-house, and transitioning designers to tackle creative struggles, think better and do powerful work.

Identify those numerous hidden creative blocks that leave you feeling stuck, with this ultimate Cheat Sheet!

In 11 years of working with big brands like Coca-Cola, Toblerone and Hyatt, interviewing at Google and Uber and hiring for my studio, I’ve learned tricks and techniques to create great portfolios.

Hitting stagnation? Speak to me on ADP List. I open 2 slots per week. Book yours now.

Want to end procrastination and achieve your goals? My unique, practical methods will help you unblock the block, declutter the daily to-do’s and make real progress towards your goals.

An automated template to organize and prioritize your daily creative work and stay ahead of deadlines, with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Right Brained Human is a platform dedicated to personal development and creative well-being for designers and other creative minds across the globe. 🌏

The creative process can be emotionally and mentally demanding, often leading to periods of self-doubt, anxiety, and burnout. With a restless mind full of ideas, it is crucial to cultivate confidence, productivity and solid work ethics. Our tools and resources will enable creative minds to do just that.

Through this platform, we want to celebrate creativity by focusing on personal and professional growth of creative professionals.

While technical skills are important, creativity often requires a broader set of abilities such as ideation, problem-solving, critical thinking, storytelling, self awareness and emotional intelligence. This holistic approach enables you to become a well-rounded professional who can tackle complex challenges with confidence.

Tips derived from insights and well researched facts to help you think, feel, and work better.

Got ideas, questions or thoughts? Write to me on apeksha@therightbrained.co

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