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Last Updated on 2nd of Jan, 2024, from Bengaluru, India (I update this every 8 weeks)

Empowering creative professionals

In the ever-evolving world of creativity and design, I’ve spent a rewarding decade collaborating with some of the best organizations in the country. Over a transformative sabbatical, I mentored 300+ individuals and confronted persisting gaps in design education, resources, and guidance.

This spurred me to create a platform packed with practical tools, resources, and personal mentoring focused on combating self-doubt, boosting confidence, and overcoming creative mental blocks.

Later this month, I will be launching personal mentoring that goes beyond technical skills to foster productivity, resilience, and design brilliance.

Here’s my most recent resource: A supercool Cheat Sheet that reveals 35 overlooked Creative Blocks

Taking care of my body

In the midst of the whirlwind that was last year—moving houses, changing cities, experiencing the loss of my beloved dog, and undergoing a career transition—I inadvertently neglected my physical well-being. However, I’m determined to turn things around. I’ve started practicing yoga, meditation, and paying more attention to my body. Engaging in these practices is helping me achieve mental clarity, cultivate a sense of inner calmness, and more centered lifestyle.

Making writing a habit

As a lifelong visual person, I never considered myself a writer. I believed it was a talent reserved for the exceptional, the brilliant. However, after a year of publishing content, I discovered the transformative power of the written word. It opened my mind, ignited my creativity, and had a profound impact on my life. Now, I express myself more accurately, rediscovered my love for reading, connect better with others, and practice active listening.

Writing helps me prioritize, relax, and stay focused. It allows me to pause, reflect, and embrace my true self. Surprisingly, writing has become my anchor in turbulent times. I’ve come to realize that to create a life-changing habit, it must become an integral part of who you are.

I’m 32 years old.

With a formal education in visual communication design, I immersed myself in various roles, from being a designer, design consultant, design lead, and design director to venturing into entrepreneurship, education, and mentorship.

These experiences have allowed me to cultivate a multifaceted understanding of creative careers.

Over the last 11 years, I’ve:

– Worked with over 55+ organizations: agencies, start-ups, and corporates
– Worked closely with product and marketing teams
– Started a 7-figure revenue business in the creative industry
– Been a fellow at Google Rare Creative Leadership Academy
– Took a transforming sabbatical
– Worked as a Design Director for Coca Cola Co. at Landor and Fitch India
– Quit my job to mentor countless creative professionals

So far, I’ve built a unique understanding of creative careers.

Over a transformative sabbatical, I mentored 300+ individuals and confronted persisting gaps in design guidance.

This is why I’ve dedicated my life to helping the under-represented creative talent in India and other parts of the world build confidence, grow professionally, and create powerful work. I share my journey and what I’m learning along the way. (www.rightbrainedhuman.com)

My design practice (www.therigthbrained.co) helps consumers and tech brands design timeless identities and other things they need. I support my clients in realizing their vision and building the future they desire.

I aim to make everything to do with design and creativity less stressful and more fulfilling. Because creativity is nurtured and allowed to flourish in a supportive and fulfilling way, it can transform lives, inspire change, and shape a better world for all.

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